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January / February 2005 Cover

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Buchanan Alumni House
Robert D. Buchanan Alumni House

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Pride of Place

The University of Maine's sense of place is based on its history and leadership in the state, its responsibility in higher education and its commitment to people.

The Robert D. Buchanan '44 Alumni House is the epitome of that sense of place.

Buchanan Alumni House opened in May 2002 as the official front door the architectural gateway to the UMaine campus. The $7.3 million facility was planned by alumni, who refer to it as "a place to call home." The UMaine community knows Buchanan Alumni House as a premier facility showcasing the state's largest university.

Since it opened, more than 28,000 visitors have toured or met in Alumni House. Each year, an average of 500 meetings, seminars, receptions and dinners have been held, attended by 13,500 members of campus and community groups. As a preferred campus location, Buchanan Alumni House has set a standard of excellence in the UMaine landscape.

UMaine's two independent associations the University of Maine Foundation and the University of Maine Alumni Association operate the 32,000-square-foot signature building, constructed exclusively with private monies. The two groups now are building an endowment for the facility to ensure its future. The $4 million Pride of Place capital campaign is in its final stages, with $800,000 remaining to be raised.

"More than any other facility on campus, Buchanan Alumni House exemplifies the achievements, excellence and aspirations of Maine's land-grant and sea-grant institution," says Amos Orcutt, president/CEO of the University of Maine Foundation. "A substantial endowment will ensure Buchanan Alumni House is an inspiration for generations of Maine people."


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