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September / October 2005 Cover

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UMaine Today Magazine

President's Message

President Robert A. Kennedy
President Robert A. Kennedy

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UMaine Today begins its fifth academic year with the publication of this issue. It focuses on scholarly achievement at the University of Maine, featuring stories on the creativity and discovery that make UMaine an exciting, vibrant intellectual community. Each issue also includes features on students stories that remind us of the wonderful contributions undergraduate and graduate students make to this university, in our classrooms and our labs, and in the various places all over campus where learning takes place in less formal ways.

UMaine is truly a student-centered university. It is our job to provide the means for students to have success while they are with us and after they graduate. First and foremost, we provide a high-quality academic experience that features meaningful interaction with our outstanding faculty. We also work hard to develop programs and activities that support the academic experience and help our students develop in ways that will serve them well throughout life.

I am excited about an innovative new program that we have been exploring and will continue to develop this fall in our residence halls. Over the coming year, each of our 19 student housing facilities will be designated as a Living/Learning Center with a specific theme. For example, Hancock Hall residents will focus on social justice. Programs will feature faculty members, staff and even outside experts who will spend time with Hancock residents discussing important issues like racism and poverty. Other residence halls will have themes like environmental sustainability and outdoor recreation. If they wish to participate in this program, resident students will have the opportunity to select a hall where the theme reflects their personal interests. This will be a wonderful way to supplement the traditional academic experience with meaningful programming and activities.

Dean of Students Robert Dana and his staff are constantly looking for creative approaches like this one. Their efforts make a difference, and they are a significant reason that UMaine welcomes another excellent group of students this fall. Our enrollment numbers continue to be at the level we desire, and our new students bring outstanding qualifications. I am confident that they will have success at UMaine, and that they will develop as people who will contribute to society in meaningful ways.

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