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January / February 2006 Cover

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UMaine Today Magazine

President's Message

President Robert A. Kennedy
President Robert A. Kennedy

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The arrival of 2006 brings us to the beginning of an exciting time at the University of Maine. I am buoyed by the enthusiasm that permeates our campus community, and by the great support I sense from people around Maine and beyond, so many of whom tell me that they share in our optimism and believe that UMaine is on the right track.

The Board of Trustees recently granted formal approval for our fundraising campaign, which begins in earnest this month. We've spent months planning this effort, and I am convinced that we will reach our $150 million goal. While the private fundraising is critical, those of us who care about UMaine must also work together to make the case that this university is worthy of a greater public investment.

Base state funding, targeted R&D money and bonds are all part of the formula needed to help us advance in critical areas, making UMaine an even greater educational, economic and cultural force in Maine.

As we have seen in many other states, the greatest progress comes when private fundraising campaigns and increased public support coincide, hastening advancement and drawing energy each from the other. Potential donors tell us they are ready to hear how they might help, and we believe that we can make a compelling case for increased state funding.

We were particularly gratified when Maine voters spoke loudly in November about their support for UMaine, approving the two bond proposals that included money to support UMaine activities and initiatives, totaling $3.85 million.

UMaine is, and will continue to be, a great investment. We have bold plans and big ideas, intended to transform UMaine and help the state ensure a brighter future.

Visionaries have never been in short supply at UMaine. I was reminded of this a few months ago when the Laboratory for Surface Science and Technology (LASST) celebrated its 25th anniversary. In 1980, the founders certainly had high hopes, but they never could have anticipated the educational, scientific and economic force LASST would become. Today, so many in our community have the same kinds of ideas and initiatives. In 25 years, with a successful fundraising campaign and the continued statewide public support, our successors will admire that vision in the same way we regard the foresight of those who founded LASST.

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