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May / June 2006 Cover

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A Clay Base
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Larry Mayer
Larry Mayer

While Larry Mayer has earned a reputation as one of the country's leading experts in marine sediments, his academic training was in clay mineralogy, a discipline that he largely set aside when he began his career at the University of Maine in 1976. His interest in clays was rekindled when a group of students approached him four years ago to request that he teach a course dealing with the nature of clays. He agreed.

"This is an example of the synergy between teaching and research," says Mayer. "Teaching the class made me get back up to speed in the clay business and sparked my interest again, helping to steer me toward this project."

The infusion of geology into his ongoing oceanographic research has opened new doors for Mayer, who believes the combination of teaching and research is of key importance when it comes to keeping a research program dynamic and exciting.

"I like getting back into this subject; it's really interesting. And it's great to get into the field with a rock hammer again."





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