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November/December 2007 Cover

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Talking Lobsters Video
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Talking Lobsters

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Video Text: Herb Hodgkins, Maine Lobster Pound Association: "What brought it into existence was research work the university did with mainly diseased lobsters and lobsters with red tail disease. So, we founded the Maine Lobster Pound Association with the idea of support for research, and we were one of the cornerstones for developing the Lobster Institute."

Bob Bayer, Director, Lobster Institute: "I think the major impact is getting people together. Getting people together that really didn't trust or like each other--or they didn't think they liked each other--and we're talking about groups like U.S. fishermen and Canadian fishermen. Very fundamental, and then the dealers, processors, fishermen on both sides of the border. I think that's a pretty major contribution--opening the lines of communication for these folks to be talking to each other."

Dana Rice, Lobsterman, D.B. Rice Fisheries: "Well, from an industry point of view, I guess one of the interesting things that the Lobster Institute has done is to promote the Lobstermen's Town Meeting--the International Lobstermen's Town Meeting. It always has a topic to start from but the industry always gets back to habitat and water quality and the health of the creature from the Maritimes all the way down to the mid-Atlantic states."

Bob Bayer: "We're doing environmental monitoring as we can. We're looking at the interaction of the environment and lobster health, working with the Maine Animal Aquatic Health lab to look at these sorts of things. We're looking at the whole concept of stability of the fishery in terms of its health."

Dana Rice: "There is no other organization and no other venue where this happens. When we all come together, we're reacting to a proposed regulation or a disaster or something like that, and we're all protecting our own livelihoods. There is no other place that I know of that we can always come together and just discuss what's on our minds."

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