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January/February 2008 Cover

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UMaine Today Magazine

President's Message

President Robert A. Kennedy

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This issue of UMaine Today includes several stories about the scholarly achievement that characterizes the University of Maine at this exciting time in our institution's history. In this magazine, we are pleased to once again showcase some of the best examples of UMaine's faculty and students who are living up to our university's high standards and our state's high expectations.

On Nov. 6, the people of Maine demonstrated that they place their hope for a brighter future, to a significant extent, in the University of Maine. Voters approved an R&D bond the largest such initiative in Maine's history and a capital infrastructure bond that will fund improvements at several statewide institutions, including UMaine. Ours is not a wealthy state, but our citizens recognize that research, development and education represent the best kind of investment we can make.

At UMaine, we are committed to maximizing every dollar we receive from these two bond measures. We will work hard, every day, to demonstrate the wisdom and value of this investment. Our researchers, frequently in collaboration with UMaine colleagues and those at other Maine research institutions, will continue work toward solving problems, advancing knowledge and creating the new jobs that will drive economic development. By improving facilities for teaching and learning, UMaine will be able to better live up to its responsibility to truly educate as it has for generations Maine's leaders.

Taken together, these bond measures provide great opportunity for UMaine and the state of Maine. We are thankful for the people's support and look forward to justifying the investment.

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