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March/April 2008 Cover

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UMaine Today Magazine

President's Message

President Robert A. Kennedy

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In this issue of UMaine Today, John Rebar shares his thoughts on University of Maine Cooperative Extension. Extension brings UMaine's expertise and resources into every Maine county, connecting the university to thousands of people throughout the state. It is truly a modern manifestation of the land-grant tradition.

Extension is a prime example of outreach, or engagement, a foundational element of UMaine's three-part mission. While outreach doesn't always get as much attention as education and research the other parts of that essential mission it is critical to the way a public university like UMaine serves its state.

As John points out in his interview, this public engagement makes a real difference in people's lives. Extension faculty and staff make those real connections every day, providing the advice, support and education that Maine people need to find the way to a better life. At UMaine, we are proud to have such a committed and capable Extension staff working statewide.

University of Maine outreach takes other forms, as well. It involves faculty members who travel around Maine to share their expertise with groups or to provide perspectives to state government. It includes facilities like UMaine's Hutchinson Center, Darling Marine Center and research farms all places where Maine people connect with their state university. Engagement is part of what we do at UMaine, and we are proud to be part of carrying on this tradition as Maine's people turn to the University of Maine to help deal with contemporary issues and rely on us to help.

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