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September/October 2008 Cover

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Climate Change 21: An Interactive Forum and Environmental Festival
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A two-day conference on climate change featuring an interactive public forum and environmental festival will be held at the University of Maine, Oct. 2324.

Climate Change 21: Choices for the 21st Century, organized by UMaine's Climate Change Institute, will be highlighted by panel discussions led by world-class scientists talking about their research related to climate change.

As part of the conference, UMaine researchers will release a report prepared at the request of Gov. John Baldacci predicting future climate in Maine and the region.

Among other conference activities planned: an environmental festival, featuring organizations and businesses specializing in green products and technologies; a student poster contest and exhibition; and debut of a musical composition and sculpture related to climate change, created by UMaine artists.

"We hope that as many people as possible will come to hear about the scientific basis for the understanding of climate change," says Climate Change Institute Director Paul Mayewski. "There is a great deal to know about climate and what is expected for the future.

"We want people to leave CC21 not just believing that what is presented makes sense, but also knowing what is potentially in store and, most importantly, understanding what the opportunities are for the future," Mayewski says.


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