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September/October 2008 Cover

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Election 2008


Election 2008
What issues are raising the stakes for most Americans as they head to the polls?

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(Editor's note: Full-length version of story.)

This historic presidential election year, equally unprecedented economic pressures and ever-challenging social dynamics are shaping the perspectives of many Americans as they prepare to head to the polls.

To explore some of these issues facing the electorate, UMaine Today magazine tapped faculty members in philosophy, history, economics, business and political science. From their fields of expertise, they offer insights into the cultural realities overarching today's political landscape.

Historic High Stakes
Mark Brewer, Assistant Professor of Political Science

Changing Climes
Mark Anderson, Senior Instructor in the School of Economics and Coordinator of the Ecology and Environmental Sciences Program

Civic Involvement
Amy Fried, Associate Professor of Political Science and Associate Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Power Struggle
Doug Allen, Professor of Philosophy

Mideast Image
Alexander Grab, Professor of History
Superficial Spontaneity
Howard Segal, Professor of History
Horizon of the Possible
Michael Howard, Professor of Philosophy

Not Business as Usual
Martha Broderick, Senior Lecturer of Business and Commercial Law

Aging Agenda
Lenard Kaye, Director of the Center on Aging and Professor of Social Work

by Margaret Nagle
September-October, 2008

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